Saturday, February 19, 2011


My friends have joked that I must be Mr. Freeze or something because everywhere I go, the weather gets awful.
Well, it has been raining for the past couple days and is supposed to continue raining until Wednesday.
Today, boyfriend and I went to a pick-n-pull to look for a replacement wheel for his dad's van. It was about 45 degrees and drizzly when we got there. We spent about an hour and a half picking through a bunch of gutted vehicles, but luck was not with us.
After that, we had lunch with his parents at Burger King and went home, hoping to get some computer time in since we had some WoW stuff scheduled. But the dog had gotten really cold and wet from the rain, and the carpet in her doggy igloo was wet, so we ended up powerwashing both dogloos. We are waiting for them to dry before we cut new carpet for them.
Anyway. I am wet and cold. We've been inside for a couple hours now, but being out in the cold and wet all day has just chilled me to the bone, and I feel like I can't get warm anymore. Bleh.

Monday, February 14, 2011

In lieu of a long update (since I STILL haven't gotten around to doing one), have this note that I wrote to my mother as a (very annoyed) 4th grader:

Dear Mom,
I love you a WHOLE LOT! You are a really cool and pretty person. Just ask Benjamin, Kerry, and all your other boys! I want to tell you what Granny said this morning. She said,
"Isn't it amazing that you got sick right before you left for school?"
I said, "What, don't you beleive (sic) me?"
"I never said that," she replied.
"Don't you?" I asked.
"I'm not going to answer that question," she said.
She kissed me in the middle of Albertsons!!!!!!!!!!
In front of everybody! She said,
"I need to tell you something."
She lied!!! She bent down and got lipstick all over my face! Then she said there wasn't any! I wiped my hand on my face. There was a big huge glob of purplish brown lipstick! GROSS!!!!!!!!!!
I really want you to do something about it!
Your loving daughter, Katie

I also found the first note I ever wrote to my mom.

"who crond king jams the 1" (Who crowned King James the 1st?)

Yes, I was a weird little nerd from an early age.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

We're here!

We left North Carolina early Wednesday morning and have finally arrived in California one week later!
It was quite an adventure, but we're still getting unpacked and are quite exhausted.
Getting to see my family was fantastic, even with 18 inches of snow on the ground.
The scenery was breathtaking throughout the trip.

Thanks for all the well-wishes for the trip! I'll work on a longer post later since we're still settling in.

In the meantime, have some pictures from the trip!

 Tennessee sunset

 Oklahoma snow

 New Mexico

 More Oklahoma snow

 The tri-snow-atops my boyfriend made.
 My snowman
 Snow stained red from Oklahoma dirt
 The roadkill count, an hour into the Texas panhandle

New Mexico sunset
Arizona sky